Thursday, March 23, 2017

Auctioneers Helping Auctioneers. AHA!

The peer support level among professional auctioneers is a relationship unrivaled in any other field.  It instantly creates a worldwide network that allows an opportunity to serve clients at a high level and also legitimizes the trade.  I've spent the past week on the campus of Indiana University interacting with fellow auctioneers during my second year of the three-year program, of the National Auctioneer's Association, known as the Certified Auctioneer's Institute.

We heard from some absolute giants in the auction industry.  I was also able to interact with and watch some other dynamos who just happened to be in my class.  An association president, a firefighter, successful ladies, and a legit war hero just to name a few.  It was both encouraging and humbling at the same time.  I learned something from each of them.  I learned things that challenged me and others that edified me.  I was reminded to take care of myself so that I can in turn take care of others.  Perhaps it's time for a checkup with a physician..... which would be my first visit since 1998...

The key moment for me was a presentation near the end of our time in Bloomington.  Our final speaker was clearly a man of God.  He mentioned it in passing, but his light was burning bright throughout his remarks.  He posed to us a question..... Why do we do what we do?  I enjoy helping people.  Whether that's schlepping tables at a PTO event or orchestrating an auction that solves a problem for a giant manufacturing company, I just like to help.  But why do I like to help?

I've come to learn over the last few years that God has called me to help.  After waiting for years for a supernatural tap on the shoulder with detailed plan, I finally figured out that God just wants me to help other people and do it for his glory.  Its that simple.  So I wrote it down:

"Bring glory and honor to God by helping other people"

How does that relate to business?  I help folks for free all the time, but I'm certain that God wants me to work and get paid.  As I thought about it in class and on the drive south, I came up with some ways that I can (and already do) help people through the auction business.

I help consignors by selling their property in an honest and efficient manner.
I help investors who make their livelihood by buying in hopes of appreciation.
I help re-sellers gain access to items that they sell again to make money for their family.
I help collectors fill gaps in the collections that they love.
I help the landlord of the properties I rent out of which I conduct auctions.
I help my coworkers as we build a successful business

.....and what do you know.  I make money doing that, which helps my family and then allows us to help our Cub Scout Pack, Kiwanis Club, Church and others.

I have a file full of other nuts and bolts to take home and implement, but this exercise will be the one that guides me.  Auctioneers Helping Auctioneers.  It wasn't the one I expected when I drove up to IU, but it was my AHA! moment nonetheless.

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