Monday, November 6, 2017

Macon Georgia Mega Estate

Property rights are still generally respected, especially in the south.  You don't just walk up on someone's place and start plundering. Because of that, amazing collections still exist, often tucked away and relatively undiscovered.  That's what we have in our current auction, The Coulter Estate in Macon, GA.

Mr. Jack Coulter built a collection that is nothing short of amazing.  Spread between a hand-built cabin, an old chicken barn and an old gas station, the antiques and artifacts packed in were an amount that I had never seen in an estate situation.  Most of the time we come across estates that are 70% less desirable items.  Mr. Coulter, however, had a great eye with the majority of his items being things for which bidders will have great interest.  We closed out the first half of the auction last month with excited buyers and very good results.  I expect that round two will be equally as exciting.

An estate situation, I am working for Mr. Coulter's heirs with this auction.  The volume was intimidating to them.  I was happy to step in with a solution.  That's of course how I feed my family, but it has also been a privilege to honor his memory.  The placement of certain items and the manner by which things were displayed showed me quickly the things that were special to him.  Those things were not always the most valuable, but it was a neat experience to look at something and wonder about the history of it and think about the stories that he may have told his friends.

From copious amounts of points (arrowheads) and quality signs to furniture, knives and other antiques, this auction has been a joy to prepare.  The work was tremendous, but when you love what you do, you never work a day in your life.  I believe Mr. Coulter enjoyed collecting just as much as I enjoy selling at auction.

If you like antiques, advertising, or just generally cool items, check out The Coulter Estate in Macon and share the catalog with others.  Its one that you won't soon forget, I assure you!

Alex Grovenstein
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GA Real Estate License #366186

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