Monday, May 23, 2016

Who is Auction Alex?

I always had an interest in becoming an auctioneer.  However, auctioneer school wasn't something that high school guidance counselors typically touted as an option in the late 1990s.  Everyone was to go to college, earn a degree and enter the white-collar workforce.  Of course, I did that.  After a 12+ year career in non-profit development and communications, I decided it was time to finally pursue a lifelong interest and earn my auctioneer's license.  In fact, I wrote a blog about that experience too.  In 2014, I was licensed GAL #4105 by the state of Georgia.  I am also licensed as an auctioneer in South Carolina, #4534 and a licensed Georgia real estate agent, #366186.  I am proud to be helping South Auction and Realty expand into the Statesboro and Savannah, GA markets.

My mission as an auctioneer is simple:
Help people convert assets to cash in an honest and efficient manner.

What do I sell?  I offer, at auction, real estate, personal property, business liquidations, farms, equipment..... almost anything.  At this time, I sell everything except wholesale cars and firearms (though I do have contacts with which I can partner to sell those too!)  I also sell real estate via traditional listing methods as well.

Non-profit experience?  That's right.  I had a great career in non-profit development.  I know what it takes to make your charity auction successful.  Whether you need help from the early planning stages, or just a bid-caller the night of your event, I can help!

What about ethics?  I feel VERY strongly about doing the right thing, especially in the auction business.  Call it a pet peeve; call it common courtesy.  I adhere strictly to the NAA Code of Ethics.

How can I help you?

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Alex Grovenstein
GA Auctioneer License #4105
SC Auctioneer License #4534
GA Real Estate License #366186


Serving Statesboro, Savannah, and all areas of southeast Georgia and southern South Carolina with open, honest and efficient auction solutions.