Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Vintage tractors and 200 farm toys to be sold at auction April 13-23

A collection of five vintage tractors and over 200 farm toys, known as the Southeast Georgia Collection, will be sold at auction April 13-23.  The name for the auction arose because of the rarity of such a large collection of this type in the southeastern United States.

"It is quite a treat to find a farm toy collection of this size in Georgia," said auctioneer Alex Grovenstein.  "They are a little more common in the midwest and other parts of the country, but not really in Southeast Georgia."

The collection consists of nearly every brand imaginable from John Deere and Ford to Case, International and Massey Ferguson.  You will even find White, Gleaner and Co-op.  Most of the toys are 1/16 scale models by Ertl, but there are others including Spec Cast and Tru Scale.  The collection also includes several special edition tractors that were only available at toy shows.  Perhaps two of the most sought after items in the auction are two very large 1/8 scale tractors, a John Deere A and Ford 8N, autographed by Joseph Ertl.

Toys are not the only items in this collection.  The auction will also include five real vintage tractors as well.  Need a grader?  Bidders will have the chance to compete for a rare Allis Chalmers WC Speed Patrol.  Also included is what Grovenstein calls one of the finest original examples of a vintage tractor that he has ever seen.

"We are proud to offer a nearly all original John Deere 430.  It is such a wonderful tractor that screams 'agricultural heritage' because it's almost as it it came from a time capsule."

Bidding on the Southeast Georgia Collection will end beginning at 7:00 PM EST on Sunday, April 23.  Nationwide shipping is offered on all toys.  To view the entire catalog and register to bid, visit South Auction and Realty online.

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