Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Live or Online Auction?

Other than some charity events, it has been a year since I have done a live auction.  That changes this weekend as we will host the 6th Auction at the Fairgrounds in Statesboro, GA - INFO HERE.  Online auctions have been paying the bills and have been very successful.  However, I've missed the interaction with the crowd and I'm very much looking forward to Saturday's auction!

You may wonder....... How does a modern auctioneer decide whether to do an auction live or online?  There are a lot of factors, but it is generally decided based on which method would best suit the needs of the consignor.  Which will yield the seller the most money?  Is there a specific time frame that needs to be met?  Is anonymity needed?  Does the seller have a preference?

Both methods have their laurels and drawbacks.  Online auctions can expand the bidder pool and remove bidder inhibitions.  Live auctions can create moments of excitement and allow the bidder to physically touch the items while bidding.

If I had to choose one, I would comfortably advise that online auctions are the prefered method right now, but that statement is not absolute.  Every auction is different and every seller has different needs.  The modern auctioneer has a responsibility to make sure that his client's needs are met in the most efficient and beneficial way.

Do you need to sell?  I'd be happy to present a proposal addressing your needs.

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